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Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2013

Now here's my blog entry about Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2013.

This year 217 Artists and Bands were playing at those 4 great days!
Wave-Gotik-Treffen is held every year at Withsun in the city of Leipzig in Germany.
During these 4 days people from all over the world are visiting Leipzig 
and celebrate the world's largest meeting/festival of dark culture.

Part of the program are inter alia concerts, readings, exhibitions, the Opera of Leipzig,
a fetish event called "Obsession Bizzar", a Medieval Market at the Moritzbastei, the Agra,
 the wonderful Pagan Village and a lot more!

So here you get some of my impressions.

The WGT wristband & the WGT Ticket of this year. The Ticket was white and fluffy with silver highlights.
 For the People without Obsorge Ticket ~ purple wristbands.
For the people with Obsorge (Camper) ~ sky blue wristbands.

On friday we visited the autograph session of the popular Steampunk Band
"Abney Park".
Many Fans were at this session and we got autographs at CD's and Posters.
 In addition, I would like to say that the members of the band were really nice and funny!^^

At the Agra terrain next to a big concert hall is the great shopping hall with a lot of wonderful shopping opportunities. 
Take a look at what great stuff is available there!

In the Agra hall there is everything possible to buy.
From clothes to tableware and  fetish stuff to jewellery - There you can almost get everything.

 In addition to the Agra Market Hall is the big concert hall and also a "Treffen Cafe´".
At the Agra terrain you can find a lot of seat options and you have the choice between different foods.
If you wait for concerts or have some time, it is always a way to relax slightly.
Many people also like to watch other guests there - for those it is also a kind of "pedestrian boulevard".

So now here are some impressions of the beautiful Pagan Village called "Heidnisches Dorf".
Still the best place to relax - even if the Pagan Village is often very crowded in recent years.

Still the best place to eat some delicous food and drink some honey wine or other nice drinks.
Here you can sit on the grass leaning against a tree and listen to great medieval bands and other artists.

All in all, the WGT 2013 was again very well done and I'm looking forward to next year!

Some pictures by Photographers:

Hope you like my tiny report about WGT 2013.
See you next year!

All photos are, unless otherwise stated, my property. 
Without my permission they should not be used for other purposes, if that does happen, I will take appropriate steps.

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