You want something drawn by me ?
Sure, why not ! ^^

I take orders only for a fee !

Pencil drawing : 8 € (only A5)
Lineart : 12 € ( not intended for coloration by youself ! )
KAKAO Card : 12 - 15 €
Picture Size A5 & "exotic" Sizes ( everything between A5 & A4 and Bookmarks) : 15 - 25 €
Picture Size A4 : 25 - 30 €

I colorize with :
Copic Marker, Watercolors, Pastel Chalk, Crayons, Airbrush

Sometimes I work with PC for some Coloration or special Stuff.
Should that be the case with your Picture, I let you know.
Then, you can decide how you want to get your Picture - as a Printout or I send it to you by e-Mail.

I draw :
Your own Charakters (OC's), Vampires, Angels, Demons, Fairy's / Elves,
Shojo (but no Kitsch), Kemonomimi, Shonen Ai /Shojo Ai, Romantik, Spooky / Surreal / Steampunk Stuff

I'm not drawing :
Hardcore, Violence, Porn, Mecha's, Yaoi, Yuri, FanArts of existing Charakters (Manga / Anime).

Please be patient !
I like to take time for a Picture so you want to have good Quality for your Money.
I hold you up to date about every step of your Picture (Sketch, Outlines, Coloration).
I only continue to work on your Picture if you like the Sketch.

You get your Picture only after receipt of payment.

I allow myself to refuse Commissions !
Either I can't / will not  draw what you want or e.g. because I don't have any time.

Für alle Animexx - User:
Schaut bitte auf meinen Animexx - Steckbrief  wenn ihr etwas gezeichnet haben möchtet !

Thank you!

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