I am using a variety of media.
For example I am using watercolors on my very own way.
And I love to combine different media together.
Watercolor, Copic Marker and I also like to use Crayons for small details or for deep shadows 
and soft transitions. 
And I also like to use Watercolor Pastel Chalk - e.g. for Backgrounds. 
Somethimes I also use a Airbrush System and I like to use Coffee for some textures.

Here is a small list of media I use :

• Paper :

For Scribbles & Sketches : 
I usually use ordinary Copy Paper and sometimes thin Drawing Paper. 

For Watercolors ( and also for Airbrush): 
I use paper by "Canson" - Montval 300g / m²
                     and "Canson" - Illustration Paper 250g / m²  
The Illustration Paper you can also use for CopicColoration and it is slightly yellowish. 
I like that. 

For Copic Marker : 
I like the "Schoellershammer Markerpapier" 75g / m².
But I often prefer normal Copy Paper - currently "Avery Zweckform" 90g / m².
Sometimes I also use Colored Papers and Marbled Papers on wich you can use all Media!

• Sketching ,  Pencils , Lineart :
For Skteching I take a Mechanical Pencil thickness 0,35 HB. 
Eraser :  
I use the Eraser by "Ecobra" - its like a thicker pen. 
But I also use a Eraserpencil by Faber Castell - you can sharpen it !
This is very useful for smaller places which have to be erased.

Lineart :  
For Lineart I usually use the "Multiliner" by Copic 
but also the "Neopiko Line 2 ( Sepia and Grey ~ warm & cold)" 
by Deleter thickness always 0,03, 0,05 & 0,1.

• Coloration : 
Like I said I am using Watercolors, Copics, Crayons,Watercolor Pastel Chalk and Airbrush.
Watercolors : 
Im using Colors by "Van Gogh" - Wells and Tubes.

Crayons : 
Im using the Crayons "Polychromos" by Faber Castell and  "Tropicolors" by BIC.
Polychromos are smooth and thereby very good for blending in combination with Copic Markers.

Brushes :
Im using the Brushes by "daVinci" - "Rotmarder & Synthetik"
Highlights :  
Im using for white Highlights the "Hybrid Gel Grip" by Mercateo thickness 0,4mm. 
And Im also using white Ink by "Winsor and Newton".
Lightning Table : 
Artograph Light Tracer

Scanner :
HP Photosmart C4680.
And I am using GIMP für the post processing of the Scans.

Airbrush System & Colors :  
Harder and Steenbeck

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