Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013


It's not that long ago I've made my first "The Crow" FanArt ~ "Opiummond".
I've created my accessories for WGT 2013 in the few last weeks,
thereby I felt like draw a second picture about this theme.
I oriented myself  to rorschach tests but I've omitted the mirroring.
Now it looks more like a big inkblot!
But I like that.
First I do the outlines with Copic Multiliner 0,03 black. Then I colorize Eric's face (watercolors paynes gray & black ~ eyes are sky blue) and the head of the Crow . The bigger area and the wings I've filled with black watercolor ( undiluted).

Then I added speckles and swabs.
           And also little Crows and some feathers everywhere.           

Here you can see the finished "The Crow" Picture.
I like it very much.
How many Crows you can find on this picture?

-Thank you -

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